Not sure what size storage space you need? This handy storage guide will help you determine your storage space needs. Simply click on either the storage vehicle picture, the storage size, or the picture of the storage space, to get further information about that size. Still not sure? Give one of our friendly, knowledgeable, resident managers a call. They would be happy to discuss what storage space is right for you and your storage needs. Come store with us!

Size Equal To Dimensions (feet) Space Size
tipsfitsTrailer4X84′ x 8′ trailer or small closet tipsfitsSpace5x55′ x 5′
Ceilings 8′-10′
200-250 cubic feet
tipsfitsSpacefull5x510-15 average size boxes
small furniture and misc. household items
fits Trailer 4X86 x 12 trailer
fits PickupPickup Truckfits CargovanCargo Van or the size of a large closet
fits Space 5x105′ x 10′
Ceilings 8′-10′
400-500 cubic feet
fits Space full 5x10Refrigerator, sofa, bed
and boxes
tipsfits1Vanor the size of a small bedroom tipsfits1Space10x1010′ x 10′
Ceilings 8′-10′
800-1000 cubic feet
tipsfits1Spacefull10x10Sofa, entertainment center, bed, washer/dryer, bicycles, toolboxes, lawn tools, and boxes
tipsfits1Largevanor the size of an average bedroom tipsfits1Space10x1510′ x 15′
Ceilings 8′-10′
1,200-1,500 cubic feet
tipsfits1Spacefull10x15Sofa, refrigerator, chairs, washer/dryer, bicycles, toolboxes, bedroom set, kitchen table, boxes and misc. household items
tipsfits24ftmovingtruckor the size of a small single car garage tipsfitsSpace10X2010′ x 20′
Ceilings 8′-10′
1,600-2,000 cubic feet
tipsfitsSpace10X20fullFurnishings from a small home with appliances
one average trailer and boxes
tipsfits26ftmovingtruckor the size of an average single car garage tipsfitsSpace10X2510′ x 25′
Ceilings 8′-10′
2,000-2,500 cubic feet
tipsfitsSpace10X25fullFurnishings from a 2-3 bedroom home with appliances
an average trailer with washer/dryer and boxes

* Unit dimensions are approximate – click here for further information.